Inside the new Kalamunda restaurant and bar from Avis and Priceline

Avis has partnered with Priceline for its first major restaurant and bars at its flagship Kalamundas Lodge in Avis.

The two have partnered to create the Kalamundy Lounge, which is located at the front of the lodge.

Located in the back of the Lodge, the restaurant features a full bar and patio.

The Kalamuddas Lounge will serve up a menu of food from the Avis Aromatic Collection, including grilled salmon, salmon tartare, and trout with black pudding.

The menu will also include a menu curated by Chef John Binder, featuring a mix of seafood, vegetarian dishes, and a new seasonal menu.

“I am excited to bring Kalamudas Lodge to the world,” said Scott Gagnon, President of Avis North America.

“The food at Kalamunnas Lodge is a testament to the hospitality of Avex team members who care deeply about our guests and guests and our resort.

Avis is an amazing place to visit and experience great food.”

Kalamunas Lodge has been the home of AVEX since 2001, and is the latest addition to the Resort’s list of destinations for a restaurant and lounge.

The Lodge is one of the most popular lodges in AveX’s resort portfolio, with a reputation for excellent dining and dining-inspired entertainment.

The restaurant is expected to open by the end of the year.

The Avis Kalamukandas Lodge & Spa is open for reservations beginning January 31, 2019.

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