Timber Lodge: No ‘Maine’ in the title

The official name of the New England-based timber lodge that was closed last year in Maine was changed to the Timber Lodge of the Year, a team spokesman said.

The team has also renamed its team mascot, the Timber Man, to Timber Man.

The new name and mascot are part of a broader effort to modernize the lodge and expand its brand to include the new-look New England team, said the team’s director of public relations, Eric Coyle.

Coyle said the new name is a tribute to the many Native Americans who have joined the team and to the tradition of celebrating Native American culture.

“It’s a bit of a nod to the history of this team, and a bit more of a tribute,” he said.

“We’re hoping that will be part of the story going forward.”

The team’s new logo features a Native American warrior in a coat of arms and a lion.

The masthead is updated to include a nod at the historic relationship between the Maine and New England tribes, said Coyle, who said the masthead also includes a quote from a Native New England tribe that said, “The way we celebrate our culture is by giving thanks to our elders and our ancestors.”

He said the name was chosen for a team that had never hosted an Indian game before and hoped that would help boost the excitement of the season.

The first team to win the title, the New York-based Boston College Patriots, played in Maine before relocating to New England in January.