Grand Lake Lodge lodge

The grand lake’s famous red lodge has had a long-running history.

Now, its a tourist attraction, thanks to the new Grand Lake Tourism Centre.

The lodge opened in 2008, and is the site of one of the best views of Grand Lake.

It’s also known for being a popular spot for people to camp.

There are now plans to redevelop the Grand Lake Hotel to create a boutique hotel, with a bar and restaurants.

In a statement, the Grand Lakes Lodge said it would continue to “work with the local community to achieve a destination resort that is culturally and environmentally sustainable”.

“The Grand Lake Resort will remain an important and iconic Grand Lake site,” it said.

“Its heritage is important to us and we will work to ensure its protection as it is one of Grand Lakes most important cultural and heritage assets.”

Tourism manager Ian Williams said the new hotel would have a bar, restaurants and a restaurant restaurant, as well as a bar on the first floor.

Mr Williams said tourism had been “on the rise” since the lodge opened.

He said the hotel would offer “luxury hotel accommodation and services”, with a “further development of the Grand Lodge Hotel” in the pipeline.

But the Grand Hotel has been hit by the recession, and Mr Williams said it had been hit hard by a reduction in the number of hotel rooms, which has led to its closure.

When the Grand Mountaineers played their first game at the hotel in 2014, the hotel was closed for almost a year, and was sold for $1.9 million.

A new hotel is expected to open in 2019.

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