Amish country lodge, gateway lodge closing after fire


— Amish Country Lodging is closing its gates after the fire, which destroyed more than 200 structures and left hundreds homeless.

Staff are still assessing the damage, and there is no immediate plan to reopen, spokeswoman Emily Dickson said Monday.

The Amish nation has long been known for its hospitality and community spirit, with its Amish communities spread across the U.S.

The fire damaged about 200 Amish Lodging properties in lower Hallburger Township, Pa., including some in Amish-owned Amishland, a popular tourist destination near Philadelphia, which is also home to some of the nation’s oldest Amish churches.

The National Guard had been called to assist the Amish community, but it was not immediately clear when they would arrive.

The area was evacuated, and the township was declared a disaster area.