What’s the deal with the ‘humpback whales’ at NWS offices?

Posted by Vice News on November 30, 2018 07:09:46The National Weather Service in Boulder, Colorado, has a number of whales and dolphins that are in the public eye as part of the ongoing ongoing National Whale and Dolphin Conservation Program.

A photo of one of the mammals was featured on the National Geographic Channel’s The Endangered Species section in October.

The picture of the humpback whale is one of several that have appeared in the past several months.

On Wednesday, the NWS posted a photo of the male humpback.

“These are humpback whales that are protected under the Endangered Fish and Wildlife Act and NOAA has been in the process of approving a proposal to relocate these animals,” said a NWS spokesperson.

It is not known whether the animals are still in Boulder.

Another photo posted by the Nws on Thursday shows a humpback in the water off of the coast of New Jersey.

Several species of whale are considered endangered in the US, with the majority of them listed as endangered by the US Fish and Aquatic Wildlife Service (FWS).

The most recent listing is the largest of the six species, with about 1,000 individuals, including about 200 humpbacks.

One of the species most at risk, the blue whale, is listed as critically endangered.

But there are many other whales and dolphin species that are considered critically endangered in some way, and they have to be considered by the FWS when deciding whether to relocate them.