Why the Walt Disney World Resort will likely stay closed this summer

The Walt Disney Resort has a reputation for keeping its doors open for months at a time, but in an upcoming article, the company is laying out a plan to keep the doors open longer than they have in the past.

In a blog post today, Disney CEO Bob Iger says that while there will likely be “some temporary changes” at the resort this summer, it will remain open “as long as there is an active, healthy business.”

“The resort will remain the only hotel in the world that provides guests with the most luxurious and enjoyable experience possible,” Iger wrote.

“We are committed to ensuring that the resort remains open to guests and guests continue to enjoy it.”

In a previous post on its blog, Disney laid out plans to continue to serve guests during peak summer months.

“As we continue to open in the coming months, we will continue to offer guests a full range of services, including complimentary food and beverage, complimentary parking and entertainment,” Igers wrote.

“We will continue providing guests with a full service dining experience, which is why we will begin serving guests at the Disneyland Resort in June 2019.

We will continue hosting the annual Disneyland Vacation Club Ball this year and we will offer a complimentary, complimentary meal and beverage service in the resort’s Main Street Garden.”

The Walt Disney Company announced earlier this year that it would be closing its resort in 2020, and that the company will likely not reopen until 2021.

The resort was first opened in 1928 and was the first Disney property to be sold to a private operator, and was originally named The Dining Room.