Bearskin lodge for rent in rural area of Tasmania

A rural lodge that offers its guests a bear-themed feast on the mountainside in a stunning and unique setting has been sold for a cool $1.5m.

The lodge in Hobart’s South Hobart, which has a private courtyard, is on the site of an old mill where it was built in the 1890s.

“It’s a really special property,” Hobart County Council principal executive Chris Woodford said.

It’s an old-world feel to it, and a really unique and unique location, he said.

“We’re really excited that we can now offer a more affordable and enjoyable experience to the community.”

Mr Woodford was in Hobbs to meet the owners and find out more about the new property.

A small herd of black bears were also in the property, he added.

Owner Ian and Karen Williams bought the property for $1m in 2000, when it was listed for $2.3m.

It was listed again in 2015, for $3.8m.

“It is a beautiful property with very little traffic,” Mr Woodfords said.

“The owners were really keen to sell and were keen to put this into the public domain, so the public can see it.”

Mr Williams said the building was on the edge of a busy rural area and it was not suitable for large events.

He said he wanted to keep it quiet, but would be looking to make changes to the design if it became too expensive to maintain.

Mr Woodford and Mr Williams have made other changes to their property including adding a large wooden fence.

Hobart County councillor Michael Cramer said he was very happy about the sale.

“I have had a number of inquiries from the public asking about the lodge and we’re pleased that we’re getting this property up for sale,” he said, adding it was important for the community to know where they could visit.

In a bid to make it more accessible to the public, the couple have also installed a large sign at the entrance.

Cheryl Smith, who owns a small hotel on the property near the mill, said she was happy with the sale price.

“As far as we’re concerned it’s the right decision for the future,” she said.