Grand lodge in Jackson Lake, Montana, set to reopen after 20 years

The Jackson Lake Lodge, built in 1912, has been closed for decades, but plans for a new grand lodge in the small town of Grand Lake, Mont., are underway.

The Jackson Lodge, located at a scenic overlook on the banks of the Missouri River, was built by the Grand Lodge of Montana.

Grand Lake Lodge and Club, a historic lodge built in 1908, have been in operation for over 80 years.

It was named in honor of a friend of the lodge, the late Leland Palmer, who passed away in the lodge in 1965.

“Leland Palmer and his family were the most generous people I have ever met,” Grand Lake President, John P. Gilder, told The Verge in a statement.

“They gave me the chance to become a Grand Master, and I have been blessed to serve them as they have done for so many generations.”

Gildor’s family moved to Jackson Lake in 1977, and they continued to run the lodge until the early 2000s.

The Lodge closed in 2011, but the Grand Lake Club was open until last year, after the Grand Lakes Conservation Authority approved plans for the new lodge.

The grand lodge’s location is an obvious point of interest for many, so Gilders family decided to re-open it.

“When the Jackson Lake Club closed, the Grand Rapids Museum of Art decided to move to a new location and the Grand Riverfront Museum of Fine Arts moved to a different location,” Gildering said.

“I was just as surprised as anyone when we were told that Grand Lake would be the new site of the Grand Hotel Grand Lake.”

The Grand Hotel is located at the top of the bluff overlooking Grand Lake.

The new Grand Hotel has an expansive view of the city and the lake, as well as a large, open patio.

Grand Lakes Preservation Authority chairman Bob Ziegler said the new hotel would help revitalize the town, and he expects it to be a boon for the town.

“The Grand Lake Hotel will create an area that is open to the public, and that is going to provide a good place for Grand Lake residents to relax and enjoy the natural beauty,” he said.

The Grand Lake Preservation Authority plans to spend $100,000 on the new Grand Lodge, and it will be open to visitors on March 8.

The club is located across from the old Grand Hotel, and is being renovated.

“We are hoping to open the Grand Resort in the next year,” Gilded said.