‘The Last Jedi’ Premiere Trailer Shows ‘The Force Awakens’ Will Be Different Than ‘Rogue One’

A trailer for the upcoming Star Wars film “The Last Knight” showed off the film’s darker, grittier tone, but also the new cast of characters that will be joining the new trilogy.

It was released on Wednesday night and featured new music by Mark Hamill and Riz Ahmed, and the teaser poster showed a scene where Luke Skywalker’s (Daisy Ridley) sister, Leia (Carrie Fisher) is attacked by a group of stormtroopers.

A poster with the trailer’s title, “The First Time,” also showed a new character named Bail Organa, who plays a member of the Resistance in the film.

There are many new characters in the teaser, but here are some of the most exciting ones: The Last Knight: Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, and Poe are back.

Rey’s a pilot, and Finn is the Resistance’s droid.

Rey and Finn are the last two of the four Jedi in the trilogy.

Finn is a big fan of Star Wars, so the idea of a Jedi Knight being a Jedi is pretty awesome.

Poe is the most interesting of the new characters.

He’s an anti-hero, who is actually a very capable fighter.

He has a lightsaber and is trained in lightsaber combat.

Finn, meanwhile, is a fighter.

When Finn and Rey first meet, they get into an argument, and he’s not thrilled to have a Jedi.

When they find out that he’s a member.

of the resistance, he’s like, “No, you’re not a Jedi, you are just a coward.”

He’s a very strong fighter.

And they’re both very conflicted about it.

Bail is an old man, and they’re fighting over his estate.

He wants Rey and the Resistance to find a new home for his estate, and in return for it, he wants them to leave.

Poe and Finn both want Rey and their son, Luke, alive.

The Last Jedi is set to hit theaters on December 15, 2019.

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