Raiders GM says team still ‘deeply concerned’ about Carson Palmer

Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie is concerned about Carson Peters’ condition.

In a Monday morning email to the Raiders’ media relations staff, McKenzie said he is “deeply disappointed” about the reports regarding Palmer.

The Raiders have been trying to keep Palmer under wraps and kept him under wraps for almost two weeks.

Palmer, who is expected to miss the entire season, is expected back in the NFL on Dec. 17.

But McKenzie said it was a “miscommunication” from Palmer’s camp that led to the team’s decision to keep him on the team.

“The Raiders and Carson have not been in a good place financially,” McKenzie wrote.

“It was not clear from the outset what our plans were for the future.

Our relationship with him has improved in recent weeks and the Raiders hope he will return to the lineup as soon as possible.”

The Raiders, who have one of the league’s worst payrolls, will need to make some hard decisions about who to retain and who to cut as they battle to stay in the playoffs.

The team has to find a replacement for Palmer, with the team expected to cut five players this offseason.

McKenzie said the Raiders will look for a replacement to fill the void and “have been in contact with several players who are available.”

McKenzie also said the team is still trying to figure out a long-term contract with Palmer.

“We are committed to having him on our team for the foreseeable future and we continue to work hard on finding a long term solution,” McKenzie said.

“We are deeply disappointed with the speculation surrounding his condition and are working hard to get him back on the field.”

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