Which is the best way to get to a beach in Oregon?

A surf lodge in the mountains of northern Oregon is getting ready for a new addition to its family of surf-themed destinations.

The Montauk Resort & Spa, a property owned by John and Judy Scribner, has teamed up with the Montauks in the past to offer a few different types of surfing experiences.

For the past couple of years, the resort has been serving up a variety of different types, including beach trips and even an indoor pool.

“We love the idea of combining a beach experience with a relaxing and fun-filled experience in the winter,” John Scribner said.

The resort also has been busy this winter, with new additions in the area and other locations in Oregon.

The first two floors of the new hotel have been filled with a variety in new amenities, including a water slide, an indoor basketball court, an outdoor pool, and a snowshoe park.

A new snowmobile rental shop is also being added.

“The snowmobile shop is open, so people can get their snowmobiles on and get their rides,” John said.

“It’s going to be a great place for families and kids to come in and get a few rides and do some fun things.”

For now, Scribner says the resort is only accepting reservations for summer weekends.

“Summer is usually the busiest time of year,” he said.

For more on the new resort, visit the Scribner’s Lodge website.