What are the key features of Freemason Lodge Kohler?

Kohler Lodge, a former lodge of the Knights Templar, is the newest member of the Craft, the group that oversees the craft of Freemasonry.

The lodge’s new members will be joined by two others that have yet to be named.

The new lodge will join the two remaining Craft lodges in Pennsylvania and Maryland, which are now defunct.

MCCLAIN LODGE, PA Located in the hills of Pennsylvania’s Philadelphia, the lodge will be the newest lodge in the Craft.

The first member was Charles McCalla, a native of New York.

McCalla became the lodge’s first leader in 1805 and his son, Charles, became its second leader in 1908.

The McCalla clan lived in Pennsylvania before settling in Maryland, where McCalla had the largest estate in the region.

The brothers had a large number of slaves, including one who died during the War of 1812.

McCallas wife, Mary, was also enslaved, according to the lodge.

She was later freed by her father.

McCallas brothers also owned slaves, but they were the only ones who did so during the war.

In the years following the war, the family lived in poverty.

After his wife died in the early 20th century, McCalla and his brothers sold their slaves to the U.S. government.

The government eventually paid them, but the McCallases didn’t get their slaves back until the 1960s.

WILLIAM LODGES HISTORICAL CHURCH The Willows Historical Church in Philadelphia has been the site of several landmark ceremonies over the years, including the 17th, 19th and 20th centuries.

It also has a small Masonic lodge.

In 2016, the church was home to a grand opening ceremony that was the largest in its history.

The new Willows lodge will also be the second to have a major overhaul since it joined the Craft in the mid-1980s.

In 2009, the old Willows Lodge of Craft and Society was torn down and rebuilt.

The building was rebuilt and renamed the Willows Heritage Center.

The Willows also hosted an annual Masonic celebration, but it has been moved to the former Philadelphia Masonic Museum.

The church reopened in 2016 after being closed for the last 18 months.

LEAVE IT TO THE MASTERS The Masonic tradition of “leave it to the Masters” is often attributed to John F. Kennedy.

In his book “The Last Jedi,” he wrote that he would never have accepted a title if it weren’t for the advice of his father, former President John F, Kennedy.

He added that he believes the “leave-it-to-the-masters” motto should be an example to the public, saying it would be “the perfect symbol to the world that Freemasonry is not for everyone.”