I was so happy I went to an indoor Lodge. Now I feel so sad about the lodge!

The hotel is not a typical lodge, it’s a bright, airy, and beautifully decorated lodge with an indoor pool.

The lodge is nestled in the mountains near the lodge and is well maintained.

Inside the lodge, there are no rooms or any sort of privacy, but it feels like it’s your home.

There’s also a bar and restaurant on the second floor and a barber shop on the first floor.

I got my haircut there and my hair stylist was also friendly.

The indoor pool has a lot of space and I saw a lot more people than I expected.

I’m not sure what the cost is for the indoor pool, but I’m sure it’s not that expensive for a small family-sized lodge.

I also like the fact that the lodge has a beautiful tree.

The trees are beautiful and you can see how the trees grow throughout the year.

The treehouse has a small guest house for you to sleep in.

There are also a few restaurants and bars on the premises, which is nice.

I would definitely recommend this place to people looking for a family-size lodge in the beautiful and green mountains of Maine.

The hotel and the lodge is located at the top of the Mt.

Zion Gorge and can be accessed by hiking up to Mt.


It’s a 3.4 mile hike, but there are some great views to get to.

I have to say, the hike was very enjoyable.