How many people live in a house with no electricity?

In 2017, the United States lost 4.4 million homes to wildfires.

That’s a lot of people who can’t afford to move.

Some of those people are stuck in old homes with no power.

So how many of them live in homes that are without power?

We talked to three experts to find out.

Red Lodge, Montana, is an old-fashioned town, with some of the oldest buildings in the state.

It’s not much bigger than many towns in Montana.

It has the same name, but that’s a bit of a misnomer: Red Lodge is in the same county as Red Mountain.

There are more people living there than Red Mountain itself.

Red Lodge has a population of about 5,000 people, but they are mostly residents of town, not residents of the surrounding town.

There’s not a whole lot of town life going on here.

The town of Red Lodge, Mont., is located on Red Mountain in the Red Lodge National Forest.

But what about the people who live in the old town?

What happens to them when there’s no power?

The residents of Red Mountain are usually the older folks, who have lived in the town for decades.

But there are a lot more of those older folks living here.

We’ve talked to people who were living in the homes for about 50 years or more.

They’ve lost power in the houses for about 20 years.

So they’re going to have to live with the electricity, and the power companies will be providing them with a couple of meters of line, because they can’t put out a fire like that without it.

The power companies don’t provide them a lot in the way of assistance with that.

They’re also going to be living with the people that don’t have power, who might be in the area with a tree or a tree limb.

They might be the residents of that community, who may have a little older neighbor who’s out there, who’s not going to survive the fire.

So that’s going to make a lot for the power company to handle.

But they also have to take care of the old folks who live on the property, who are going to need to be evacuated.

Red Mountain’s main town, Red Lodge (population 5,001), is located in the Blue Mountain National Forest in southern Montana.

Red Mountain is about a half-hour drive from Red Lodge.

The town is about 50 miles from Red Mountain, and Red Mountain has a town hall there that can be used for community meetings.

The old people who have been here for decades, like the ones who are living here in Red Lodge are going through a pretty tough time right now.

There aren’t many jobs, the economy is struggling, and there are not a lot people who are looking for work.

So those old folks are being forced to move in with the new people, because there’s nothing they can do.

It just makes sense to move them into something that they have a home, that they can afford to live in.

But it’s not just old people, there are also the older residents of other old-time homes.

The residents of a small town called Red Rock are a little more affluent than Red Lodge residents.

They have about 4,000 more people in Red Rock than in Red Mountain: about 40,000 to 50,000.

The average age of residents of this small town is 67, and it’s a big city.

So there are quite a few older residents here who don’t want to live anywhere else, even if it means going into the mountains to live on a farm.

And then there’s the elderly.

There is a lot going on with that, because we’ve got some elderly people who still have a lot to live for.

They’re retired and living in small towns, so they don’t get to have a whole big house or a big yard.

They don’t live on their farm, so the whole thing has to be moved around.

But the old people here are still getting their old homes, so that’s really the big question.

So what’s the solution?

The people living in Red Mt. can just move into an old home that has no electricity, but the old home owner would have to make an investment in the energy system, because the old house is going to last forever, and they might not be able to afford to get power back on.

So the old owner might have to pay the new owner to move into the old power house.

The new owner, meanwhile, would have more money to put into the power system and get their house running again.

But there’s a huge price to pay.

A house with an electric system is expensive, because it’s the oldest system in the world, and all of the wires are still connected to the old grid.

It takes a long time to replace the old wiring, and that’s when you start getting problems.

You start getting blackouts, you start having problems with your appliances.

There will be some