When the Federal Communications Commission gets its act together: It’s time to repeal net neutrality

In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, former FCC Commissioner Michael Powell argued that the Federal Communication Commission should be rethinking its decision to kill net neutrality, calling it “a major failure.”

“For too long, the FCC has operated in a political vacuum, and it has taken the easy path of dismantling its existing regulations and replacing them with new ones that it believes have a greater likelihood of delivering a better experience for consumers,” Powell wrote.

“That’s what has happened.

Instead of repealing the rules that have been in place for decades, we need to replace them with more effective, modern, and consumer-friendly ones that we can all support.”

Powell added that he thought the FCC was “missing an opportunity” to improve net neutrality protections.

“I don’t think the Federal Trade Commission has done its job, or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has done their job,” Powell said.

“And in a perfect world, I think the FCC could have done its work and done it quickly, instead of being distracted by a political fight over a political issue.”

Powell was the only Republican commissioner who was a member of the Obama administration when the FCC voted to kill the rules.

He has since called on the FCC to repeal the rules and replace them “with the best rules that the public has come to expect and expect.”

He also suggested that the FCC should be “more transparent about its process” to ensure the rulemaking process is “fair, transparent, and unbiased.”