A man in his 20s is accused of raping a 13-year-old girl, allegedly after she turned up to a party to meet her friends

A man has been charged with rape after allegedly raping a girl at a house party in the east of the UK.

The man, aged in his early 20s, is due to appear at the Old Bailey today.

A 15-year old girl was seen arriving at the house on the night of July 7.

The girl told officers she was invited to the party, which was held at the Skytop Lodge on the estate of the same name in Dorset.

She said she arrived around 10pm and saw three other girls in the room, aged 14, 15 and 16, wearing all black and were drinking alcohol and chatting about what was happening.

She said the girls then left the room.

The 15- and 16-year olds were seen arriving shortly after the girl and her friends left the house.

The 15 was wearing a grey hooded jacket, a grey T-shirt, black pants, black trainers and white shoes, the 15 told police.

Inspector Andy Fenton said the woman and the girl then went to the bathroom.

When the girl returned she was wearing the hooded, grey jacket and black pants.

He said the girl told him the man asked her to drink some alcohol before they left.

She then went into the bedroom and told the man to remove her clothes and put his hand inside her vagina.

Detective Fenton told the court the girl also told officers that the man then put his hands inside her, she told him she had never had sex before.

The girl said she left the party but returned around 10:00pm to go to bed and she did not know if the man had touched her or not.

She told police she then went back to her room and saw the man’s hands inside the girl’s vagina.

She also told police that she felt pain when the man removed her clothes.

The 16-years-old told police the girl said the man did not touch her, and said he did not have to.

The court heard the girl was then interviewed by police on July 9.

Detectives said they were concerned the girl may have suffered sexual assault.

The 17-year girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she was not at the party on that night, but that she had been invited to.

“I went there because I wanted to have sex,” she said.

“I was drunk.

They had a drink and I got drunk and had sex.”

There was a girl there and I had sex with the girl.

“She told the police she had no recollection of the night.

An 18-year woman said she also went to Skytop to celebrate her 18th birthday on July 7 and was there when the accused raped the girl.

After the party she said she went to her bedroom and saw a man standing over her.

She woke up later that morning and was asked to take off her clothes by a man.

During her police interview, she said the boy then told her to take her clothes off.

She later told detectives she did so and the man began to sexually assault her.

As she tried to push him away, the man punched her in the face.

She called the police and was later charged.

She was remanded in custody until her trial.

The Crown Prosecution Service has said it will seek the maximum penalty of life imprisonment for the man.

The case is being prosecuted by Det Insp Fenton and Detective Chief Inspector Kevin Withers from Dorset Police.