Why the sugar lake lodge has been a symbol of the city’s decline

A review of the sugar and beer industry’s history has revealed the lodge has seen a decline in business since the 1950s.

The review by University of Saskatchewan professor David Sibley said the lodge was the oldest surviving beer brewery in Canada and was known for its high quality beer.

“The lodge has had a very good history,” he said.

“In addition, it is the only lodge that still retains the name of the company that built it.”

When I was growing up in the 60s, the lodge had a reputation of being a good place for working men and women.

“The lodge was originally a family business owned by one of the owners of the brewery.

In fact, the company was called the Sugar Lake Brewery and was based in Sugar Lake, Sask.”

This is where I was born and raised and I have lived my entire life in Sugar Lakes,” said Robert Mollison, who was the president of the lodge at the time of its opening in 1910.

Sibley found the lodge’s business history “unbelievable” and concluded that it is no longer a business worth preserving.

He called on the Saskatchewan Government to consider whether the sugar lodge could be preserved as a historic landmark, or if the building should be torn down.

Siberian Sugar Co. is the company responsible for the building of the original sugar mill in Sugar Bay, Sask., which the lodge also owned.”

I believe that the lodge should be demolished and the building rebuilt as a museum,” said Mollisons son, Robert M.


The sugar mill was built in 1909 to create a larger and more efficient sugar cane production facility.

In 1915, it was bought by the Sugar Lodge Company, which later became the Sugar Bay Brewery.

The brewery later went into decline.

It was eventually bought by a company that turned it into the Sugar Lakes Brewery in 1962.

Sabley’s review of historic buildings was part of a larger effort to examine how the city has changed since the mid-1970s.

Sucrose Lakes Brewing Company, the former Sugar Lake Lodge, was a popular local beer for the city.

In addition to its high-quality beer, the brewery served a variety of different food and drink options.”

Sugar Lake Brewery was the first local brewery in the city of Sugar Lakes and it continues to be a very popular beer for our community,” said Sibleys report.

Suley’s study found that in the 1970s, there were more than 100 breweries operating in the area.”

There were probably more than 50 breweries in the community at that time,” said Dave Sibleyn, a former director of the Sugar Creek Brewery and former director and chairman of the local business association.

The city has also lost an estimated 2,500 jobs since the early 1980s.

The report found that the loss of these jobs is due to the closure of the lumber industry and a decrease in business opportunities in the region.”

It’s very difficult to find people who want to be involved in the industry in the sugar industry.

The industry is very local, very small and there’s not a lot of jobs,” said John Harkins, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Regina.

Sierray said that the decline in the tourism industry is also contributing to the loss.”

Tourism is one of our main revenue sources and the community doesn’t want to see their local breweries go out of business.

There are not a number of people that want to invest in the local sugar industry,” he explained.

The Sugar Lake Brewing Company closed in 2010 and Sugar Lakes Brewing was bought out in 2012.”

These businesses have a great history, but there’s a very high turnover rate, and it’s a lot easier to get somebody to leave when you’re losing money,” said Harkens.

Moss says she would like to see the lodge preserved as it is a “staple of the community.””

We are hoping that the city will reconsider, and see the sugar plant as part of the fabric of our community.

It is the heart of the town,” she said.