Why the Bearskin Lodge at Yellowstone National Park will soon be called the Gateway Lodge

When you think of the most popular outdoor activities at Yellowstone, there are many that fall under the umbrella of the Gateway House Lodge and Bearskin House Lodge.

Both of these lodges were founded in 1864 and are located at the western edge of Yellowstone.

Both were later converted into hotels, and the former, Gateway Lodge, closed in 2009.

The Bearskin also closed in 2014.

The resort was re-opened in 2020, with a new, modern hotel being constructed in 2017.

The new hotel is expected to open in 2018.

Both lodges are located in the popular Bear Creek National Forest, which covers approximately 1.3 million acres.

When we first got here, I didn’t know about the Gateway lodge until I saw it in a post on the Bear Creek Parks &Rec Facebook page a few months ago.

I couldn’t help but notice that the lodge was located in a different location.

So I took the chance to check it out.

The lodge was right on the edge of the park and offered plenty of opportunities to hike, camp, and camp on the trail.

It was nice to have the opportunity to explore the nearby park, and there was even a cabin in the lodge.

You could hike the entire length of the lodge, including the overlook and the parking area.

We were able to get a decent look at the Bear creek area, and as we drove up to the cabin, the view was truly breathtaking.

There were a lot of different campsites along the trail, but we went to the most famous campground, the one at the end of the trail (which has a full-service restaurant and restaurant with picnic tables).

The Bear Creek Cabin at the Gateway Mountain Lodge was a great spot for a nice, cold beer, as well as a place to rest after a day of hiking or camping.

The cabin was decorated in black-and-white, and you could easily spot the bear, so you didn’t need to bring a bear spray to protect yourself from bears.

You also could easily set up your tent or hammock inside the cabin and have a place for some privacy, since the cabin has a large kitchen and plenty of space.

The Cabin at Gateway Mountain was also a good spot for viewing the bear in the distance.

The Bear creek cabin offers a great location to relax, and have some beer while enjoying the views.

When it came time to get to the lodge to check out the cabin we got there a little early, but it was still quite comfortable to walk around and relax with a drink in hand.

The hotel itself is really nice.

The layout of the hotel makes it a good place to stay, and it’s located at a location that’s accessible for most people.

If you need a place close to home to spend the night, or you’re looking for a place where you can take advantage of the beautiful Bear creek, you should definitely check out Gateway Mountain Resort.

The Resort at Bear Creek Park is a very different experience from the Gateway Hotel, and one that’s perfect for people who prefer to spend a bit more time at the lodge instead of staying at the resort.

We decided to go with the Gateway Resort because it was convenient for our hike, but the Lodge at Bear Creek was a perfect choice for people looking for something different.

There are plenty of great camping sites, hiking trails, and other attractions in the park, but for a weekend or two, there’s something for everyone.