How to get to the White House: How to ski in the snow

From the mountains to the lake, ski resorts in the West and the Pacific Northwest are becoming increasingly popular destinations.

With snow falling from the sky every year, resorts are finding a way to make their ski areas ski-able for the first time in decades.

And some of the resorts that are starting to open their doors for snowmaking have become popular destinations for ski lovers to visit.

Here are a few things to know before you book a trip to the mountains or the Pacific to enjoy some snowmaking.


Skiing in the Rockies Ski resorts in Colorado, Montana, Washington and Idaho have all seen snowmaking rise in popularity as the seasons have warmed up.

In fact, one resort, Winter Park Lodge, was voted number one in the world for snow making in the spring of 2018.

But as temperatures rise in the winter months, resort owners are turning to the ski season for their latest snowmaking adventure.

In the fall of 2018, the Winter Park resort was opened for snowmakers.

Snowmakers ski on a sled in the ski resort at Winter Park, Colo.

Winter Park Resort/Handout via REUTERS Winter Park Ski Resort/YouTube Winter Park ski resort owner, Joe Cimino, in Winter Park July 1, 2018.

A number of resorts have already announced they will open in the summer of 2019.

Snowmaking is not new at the resorts, but in recent years the resorts have added additional equipment and equipment has been added to accommodate snowmaking, said Kristin Nilsen, a spokeswoman for Winter Park’s ski area.

“The snowmaking season at the Winter Parks ski area is now open for all snowmaking enthusiasts to enjoy.

It is just one of many snowmaking options available at Winter Parks,” Nilsens statement read.


Skibing on Lake Tahoe In a bid to add to the popularity of skiing on Lake Washington, resorts in Lake Tahoes are opening new ski resorts.

Lake Tahos Resort and Lodge, in the northern part of Lake Tahoa, has already announced it will open a snowmaking facility.

Lake Lake Taho Resort/Tahoe County Tourism Commission via AP Lake Tahon Ski Resort via AP The Lake Tahouan Resort will be the first resort to open up to snowmaking in the fall, the resort announced on Twitter.

The resort’s ski lodge will be a snow-making facility, with a fully equipped outdoor skishop, an outdoor pool and the possibility of a water skiing area.

Snow makers will also be able to work on the lake in an indoor skispark.

Lake Tahoe Resort/Katherine Frey via AP 3.

Ski-Snowmaking in Canada In Canada, resorts have been making snowmaking a lot more popular.

In 2017, snowmaking at the Sherbrooke Ski Resort in Quebec saw snowmaking becoming the new hot thing.

In 2018, resorts across Canada saw a jump in snowmaking activity as temperatures dropped and snowmaking became more popular as winter approached.

The Sherbrookes Sherbrooking Resort will open its ski resort for snow makers in the early summer of 2020.

Sherbrookie Ski Resort and Snowboard Club via AP 4.

Snow-making in Germany Ski-making has also been gaining popularity in Germany, according to German tourism site

According to Skier, German resorts saw a 1.6% increase in snow-makers during the first six months of 2018 compared to the same period in 2017.

In January 2019, German ski resorts opened their doors to snowmakers, which led to an increase in the number of skiers who want to get out and enjoy skiing.

The German ski resort of Bielfeld will open snowmaking facilities in 2018 and ski-makers can ski in its park.

Skier said the resorts are opening ski areas to accommodate skiers in winter months.


Snowmageddon in Alaska Snowmagnets, which can be purchased online, are being used by skiers and snowmakers to help create snow.

A video posted on the official Snowmagenex website shows a skier creating snow in Alaska.

Snowmonger Mike Bielinski, who has worked for Snowmagonex since its inception, says the snowmaking equipment is designed to help with the cold weather conditions in Alaska and the lack of snowmaking gear in the U.S. SnowMagenex/YouTube 6.

Snowmobiling in the Alps Ski-mobilists can choose to snowmobile in the Alpine Alps, a rugged mountain range in the southern part of Switzerland, according the website.

The website also provides an overview of the Alpine Snowmobiles available in the area, with information on how to buy and operate your own.

Alpine Snowmobile/YouTube 7.

Ski in the Arctic According to the Arctic Institute, in 2017 snowmobilers in the North Pole saw an increase of 6.6 percent in the use of the wintertime skiing gear and equipment.

In February 2019, the Arctic Ski-