How to build a lodge in the woods

Deers Creek Lodge is located in the wild timberline of Oregon, but the building materials are recycled in a facility that recycles them back into wood.The lodge was created to help people with health issues like heart disease and diabetes.The lodge is open daily and the members come from all […]

How to get your family to sweat lodge

HONOLULU (AP) Some of the families who used to live in Hawaii’s famous Waimea Beach resort are now trapped in the sweat lodge.The resort has closed the area because of the coronavirus.Hikari Waimeana, whose family first moved to Hawaii in the 1950s, says the resort closed because it’s a hot […]

Why is the birch pine so popular?

It’s hard to imagine a more quintessentially American tree than the birc, and in a way, it’s even harder to imagine it not being so.It’s a tree that is not only beautiful, but it is also so darn hard to cut down.It is so hard to kill that, in fact, […]

Amish country lodge, gateway lodge closing after fire

LOWER HALLBURG, Pa.— Amish Country Lodging is closing its gates after the fire, which destroyed more than 200 structures and left hundreds homeless.Staff are still assessing the damage, and there is no immediate plan to reopen, spokeswoman Emily Dickson said Monday.The Amish nation has long been known for its hospitality […]

When to buy crypto-currency for retirement?

The term “crypto-currency” was coined by the late British mathematician Alan Turing in 1951 and is now widely understood to refer to a form of digital currency that allows users to pay for goods and services with no additional central bank-issued or centralised means of payment.However, the term has become […]

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