‘A man’s place is with the people’: Stewarts lodge becomes a tourist destination in Montana

Montanans have a lot to be proud of.

The state has become the country’s fourth-largest economy and the most populous state in the union, with more than 50 million residents.

And while the Trump administration has targeted tourism, there are still a lot of folks working in the field.

In a statement, President Donald Trump said, “Montana is one of the fastest-growing states in the country, and we will continue to make America great again.”

But it’s not just the tourists that are making the state great.

It’s also the people who live here, who love the outdoors and who are grateful to be a part of it.

The Stewart family owns a cabin and lodge that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

They moved here from New Mexico after moving to California in 1975.

“We just started renting out the lodge and the cabin and everything,” Stewarts said.

“We’re just very grateful to have it in the middle of our beautiful, beautiful country.”

The Stewarts have lived in this cabin for a year now, and they say they’re thrilled to be back.

“We’re so excited to be in Montana,” Stewart said.

Stewarts has a daughter and two granddaughters who are in high school, and his family is happy to be living in the same cabin and hotel that their grandparents were.

“It’s been a blessing for us,” Stewars said.

“I love it here.

I love it in a way that I can’t explain.”