Montana man convicted of killing wife and daughter dies in prison

An Idaho man has died in prison after being convicted of murdering his wife and his four daughters.

Brett C. Brown, 46, of Teton, was sentenced to life in prison for the murders of his wife, Katie Brown, and daughter, Grace.

He was also found guilty of the murders and possession of a weapon.

The murders took place in the fall of 2015 in the Teton Mountain Lodge on the town’s south side.

Authorities say Brown had an argument with Katie and her then-12-year-old daughter, which he eventually broke out into a verbal argument with.

The four girls were inside the lodge when Katie Brown’s husband and Brown began arguing.

According to prosecutors, Katie tried to break away and confront her husband, but Brown grabbed her and pulled her away from the children.

The children were unable to escape the man.

According to authorities, Brown ran out of the lodge after the argument and stopped at the nearby gas station where he shot himself.

The two other daughters were found alive.

Katie Brown and the other daughters went to the hospital and received treatment for their injuries.

Authorities say Katie Brown told authorities she was “terrified” by the attack and was unsure if her husband was armed.

Authorities found the bodies of Katie Brown at the scene and Brown’s ex-girlfriend, who was not named, at his home.