Why is the Grand Lake lodge closed to the public?

It is only one of several locales in Western Australia that have closed to visitors following the coronavirus pandemic, which has been blamed for a significant decline in tourist numbers.

But the Grand Lakes lodge has remained open, despite the closure of other locales, including the Mount Cook National Park and Mount Gambier National Park.

Key points:The Grand Lakes Lodge is one of six lodges across the state which are closed due to coronaviruses, including Mount Cook, Mount Gambiers and the Mount Gambie National ParkSource: Western Australian Government”It’s a significant closure and one of those that have been reported across the whole state,” Mr Clements said.

“The lodge will be closed on Wednesday for some time, but I suspect it will reopen as soon as possible.”

The Grand Lake Lodge has been closed to all visitors, except for emergency medical teams.

But Mr Cclesons group is concerned for other visitors.

“I think there’s probably other groups that are affected,” he said.

The Mount Cook lodge has closed due a lack of staffing.

It is the second lodge to close in the state after the Grand Cape, a 300-year-old community at the base of Mount Cook.

The lodge has been a popular place to meet and socialise, and is considered a popular gathering spot.

“We’re seeing a significant reduction in visitor numbers,” Mr Crawford said.

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