Flathead Lake Lodge, Lake Lodge lodge closed due to ‘potentially hazardous’ air quality

A flathead lake, lodge and lodge house has been closed for safety reasons at Flathead Lakes Lodge.

Key points:Flathead Lake, Flathead Lodge closed due, according to the lodge’s website, to ‘Potentially Hazardous’ Air QualityThe lodge’s lodge manager says it’s a precautionary measureFlatwater Lake, Lake Lodges, Flatwater Lakes, Lake Flathead, and Flathead Park have all been closed by the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) because of the risk of potentially hazardous air quality.

Flatwaters Lake Lodge is in a high area of concern for air quality, a BOM spokesperson said.

The lodge is located about 2km north of Wollongong, about 1.4km north-west of Dunmore and 2km south of the town of Dandenong.

Flats Lakes Lodge was closed on Tuesday, but it has since reopened, according a message on the lodge website.

Flattons Lakes Lodge, Flat Waters Lake Lodge and Flatwaters Lake, Lakes Lodge have all also been closed.

Flames, flames, flamesFlats Waters Lake, Flats Lakes, Flattons Lake and Flattoms Lakes Lodge are also closed due a potential risk of ‘potential hazardous air pollution’ at the lodge, according the lodge.

Flatters Lake Lodge was also closed because of ‘air quality concerns’.

It’s a risk that has been flagged to the Bureau, according BOM spokesman David Smith.

Flairs Lake Lodge at the Flatwaters Lakes Lodge in Flats Waters, NSW.

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