The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service needs to do more to prevent climate change, writes Kevin Roose

The Obama administration is under fire for failing to act on a proposal to protect polar bears from hunting, despite a lack of evidence of harm to their habitat.

In an email obtained by The Associated Press, Fish and Game Service acting administrator Brian Foley argued that the proposal to ban polar bears hunting in U.N. Protected Areas (PPA) is too broad and would have a chilling effect on the sport.

Foley said that the agency has already taken steps to reduce polar bear impacts on land and waters, including the closure of a large hunting lodge in the Beaufort Sea in the northern Beaufort River Valley.

Fletcher’s proposal is an extension of a proposal put forward in 2016 by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to create a new Arctic protected area within the PPA.

The proposal calls for creating a new, publicly owned, and managed protected area to protect the polar bears, seals, walrus, sea lions, sea turtles and other wildlife of the Arctic from human and natural resources.

The proposal also calls for prohibiting hunting of polar bears in areas designated as protected areas, including on land, in water, and on marine areas, and that hunting would only occur in areas where hunting is legal.

The draft proposal would not apply to any fishing, gathering, or other recreational activities.

Flynn said the agency does not currently have a plan to implement the proposal, and is considering other options.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment.