The biggest news of the day: The ski resort is selling off its properties

Ski Lodge Hotels, Inc. said Thursday it plans to sell off some of its properties in Colorado and Nevada and is seeking buyers to help offset the cost of operations.

It’s one of several resort-related closures announced in the past week.

The company said in a statement that it expects to continue operating the properties as ski season approaches.

The resort’s other properties include The Lake Lodge and the North Rim Resort.

In Colorado, the resort said it expects occupancy rates to be about 90 percent and that its ski lifts, snow machines and other facilities will remain open.

The resort will also reduce the number of hotels and restaurants in the area.

A spokeswoman for the ski area said it was unclear whether the resort would sell the property to another entity, but that it plans on reopening.

RideApart, a Denver-based company that manages resorts for the National Ski Areas Association, said Thursday that it will work with the ski resort and its management to make sure the ski resorts can maintain their skiing opportunities.

“We’re not going to shut the door on what we think is a good outcome for the resort and our clients,” RideApart president Mike Jorgensen said in an interview.

We don’t know what that outcome is going to be,” Jorgenson said.

One of RideApart’s ski lifts in Colorado has been shut down, but Jorgensens said the resort’s operations are continuing.

Jorgensen is hopeful that the resort will reopen in time for the 2019 ski season.

He said the ski areas would be “much better equipped to support our guests.”

The ski areas were among the first to announce the closures as the ski season began, and they said they were preparing for the possibility that ski-boarding, snowshoeing, snowboarding-and-board riding might be impacted by the closures.